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Tyrone Pike


Provo-based FileShadow, Inc. offers what it calls "cloud file assurance," where users can have their various cloud-based files – from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft's OneDrive, among others – easily indexed, available on multiple devices, and scanned for viruses upon retrieval. Pike, 63, is a veteran of several tech startups, including LANSystems, which became LANDESK and today is known as Ivanti in South Jordan, Utah.

The Mistake:

I didn't realize how many opportunities were available – and neither did some of my competitors. There were many, many more opportunities than we ever thought or available.

I remember some very senior people at a company in the northwest that made a decision on [terminating] a whole group of people that we ended up hiring, who we're turning 50 and they said, no one who's 50 years old actually has any insight into this world of data.

And by the way, you know, in all the things that we're doing right now, we have a majority of people who are well experienced. And many of the things that we're doing now, are just interpretations of things that we did in the 1980s, exactly.

You don't have to be just a young pup to be able to create anything.

The Lesson:

We've had some pretty good luck with season people who've kind of solved, you know, really big, bad problems in the past. You don't have to be just a young pup to be able to create anything.

The big change that that enabled was for us to do highly virtual corporations. If you have people that are junior and need a lot of direction, you tend to need to bring them together in a common space so they can actually rub elbows with their peers and get direction from others.

When you kind of have a whole bunch of gray hairs, they are very much more often than not very self-directed. And so you can assign entire projects – or functions or whatever you want to call it – to them and they will go do that and they don't need to be prodded. That leads you to the ability to build a very virtual corporation.

We, have people in four states that we've worked with and we just have a stand-up call at 8:30 in the morning just so everyone can kind of rub shoulders and be in touch and that's all.

When your computing environment and your development environment is all in the cloud whether you're in Houston, Texas, or in upstate New York or California, it doesn't matter. So that makes for an ability to hire people that maybe are a little more cost effective, because you're letting them live where they own a home and there they're able to continue that.


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Pictured is Tyrone Pike. | Photo courtesy of FileShadow Inc.

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